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You can count on Fantox Consultancy for all your business and management consultancy needs!

Based in UK, at Fantox Ltd, we bring our diverse experience and exceptional expertise in the field of business consultancy services. Since the inception of SR Enterprises, we have been offering great customer-oriented services to all our clients that have brought us respect and recognition. Unlike other business consultancy specialists, we focus on providing the best to all our clients, whilst keeping the principles and professionalism a priority.

Who are we?

“We will help you work toward your business goals with confidence!”

At Fantox Business Consultants, we care about empowering business owners, sustainable development and making a difference. Having years of industry experience under our belt, our organization has evolved considerably in order to meet the changing needs, demands, and preferences of our esteemed clients. Our team of expert consultants strives to deliver exceptional and affordable business and management consultancy services for a wide range of audiences.

Our experience comes from the qualification and expertise of our prime owner, Mr. Chaudhary, who brings to the company 12 years of experience, expertise, and knowledge.

Our primary focus and expertise is working with start- ups, young entrepreneurs, and established small to medium sized business, new investors/businessmen that have taken the opportunity presented by the current economic climate in the UK to set up business and offer employment opportunities to the locals in the area.

Because of our reputation for excellence on the diverse range of services we offer, discerning clients come back to us time after time.

The complex nature of laws and regulations in the UK necessitate the need for business and management consultancy and appointment of an expert who can handle all your business matters, protect your interests, and keep your business issues from getting out of control.

What makes us Different?

To keep pace with changing market conditions, our consultants undergo continual training and education.

  • Our computerized systems and procedures are aimed at providing efficient service to our clients.
  • We help you manage your growing business and investment needs so you can work toward your goals with confidence.
  • Our experienced team of professionals will listen to you, address your queries and concerns, and direct you to a solution that best suits your needs.

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For our clients, Fantox Ltd utilises an experienced network of consultants, subject matter experts. Sharing knowledge and expertise, accessing markets and building the right partnerships is essential for turning challenges into opportunities. We provide business start-up services, payroll management services, workplace auto-enrolment & business management consulting services. Our dedicated team helps you develop your business plan and strategy, understand your customers, define your brand, create powerful marketing solutions and improve your processes.

Today, even small companies have the opportunities that previously only large multinational companies had: Accessing global growth opportunities. Our management consultants analyse market opportunities, improve business processes and align the business strategy to facilitate the transatlantic exchange of goods, services, ideas and capital.

We Stand For

Fantox Ltd aspires to be a preeminent provider of business solutions over the long haul. We lead the competition in business consultancy services with a record of success based on years of professional performance and excellence. However, our quest for improvement is never-ending.

The values to which we aspire can be summarized in principles;

Highest standards, teamwork, integrity, honesty, client commitment, professionalism, fulfilment to our people

Fantox stands for providing;

  • Comprehensive Solutions

Fantox Ltd is widely respected as one of the most reputable business consultancy firms in the UK, committed to delivering excellence. We take great pride in offering you the best quality service at a cost effective rate. Our solutions are designed to meet the exacting needs of our clients.

  • Affordable Prices

We offer a diverse range of solutions at affordable prices. Providing quality services at an affordable price is one of our primary objectives. We strive hard to provide the most cost effective and time efficient solutions to our valuable clients customized to meet their work requirements.

  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Fantox Ltd is a dynamic customer driven company that considers its clients as its most important assets. We strive to offer superior customer services right from the consultation process until job is done.

we’d like to get to know you and how we can be of assistance! Send us an email or call us for a free consultation: info@fantox.co.uk,  +44 (0) 161 302 0714