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We help your business to Established at start-up!

Is there anything more exciting than starting your own business?

We fully appreciate that starting a business, your very own business is exciting but at the same time it can be confusing, overwhelming and highly stressful. All our business experts have vast experience working with new start-up businesses throughout the UK. We have the experience, knowledge, education and ‘know-how’ to help you every step of the way!

With several years of industry experience of our consultants, we have worked with a number of start-ups. Our primary goal is to provide high quality business and management consulting services to support your organisation.

At start-up business choosing the right business consultant for you and your business is vital!

We can absolutely assure you that Fantox Business Consultants will do everything we can to exceed your expectations in everything that we do! We have business experts dedicated to you as a new business owner, should you have any questions regarding our new start-up business service or wish to discuss any of the services Fantox Business Consultants provide, please contact us today!

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Whether it is about business entity selection, creating a business plan, a company formation, startup consultation for your business, get the right advice, we have you covered.

With our business consulting services, we help businesses;

  • Learn where to focus their resources and efforts
  • Discover how to differentiate themselves from their competitors
  • Explore, identify and capitalize on industry changes

Starting your own business

Our dedicated, passionate, highly experienced and friendly staff are available 9:00AM to 6:00PM,  5 days a week, to support and guide you through the process, whilst at the same time ensuring the highest level of results are always achieved so your new business operates effectively and profitably as quickly as possible.

Business Support Services

You do not need to be an expert in all areas of your business!
Our business experts are here to cover all key areas from finance to business plans to sales and marketing – whatever you require we have the experience, skills, qualifications and proven track record of success here at the Fantox Business Consultants.  You can review our testimonials here.
As part of our unrivalled levels of service we bring our knowledge and expertise directly to you at your preferred location.  You are also very welcome to meet with us at one of our business offices throughout the country.

The idea is to tap into the true potential of this lucrative marketplace and design efforts that are intended at building and fostering customer relationships in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas, products and services and see your business grow in a very short time.

Our start-up packages & consulting services are included;

  • Start Up Business Consulting Services

Most businesses require consulting during their early stages. Building a strong foundation is critical to the future success of a business, and with the first trading year being the toughest, it is important to get off to a smooth start.

It really comes down to finding a business consultant that will not only tell you what to do but help you execute your plan into action saving your time, money and aggression. This is how we act in our consulting business.

We offer ‘kick-start advantage program’ for start- ups, a structured, high impact program that is designed especially to help entrepreneurs learn how to get the most out of their businesses.

The program is designed to help you;

  • Enhance the profile and brand image of your business
  • Explore efficiency gains to help you run your business as smoothly and efficiently as possible
  • Manage key relationships with your stakeholders
  • Brand New website & Search Engine Optimisation

Here at Fantox we are offering with our start-up consultation package with a brand new website & Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Small Business Management Consultancy

We practice on site coaching; showing and teaching you how to do the things right whilst we share your vision, mission, values and passion as a flesh and blood part of your team.

  • Strategic Consulting Services, Market Consulting

Whether it is a start -up or a small medium sized company, both types need a good business strategy to follow; we offer support, creating your business plan and practically turn it into actions.

  • Company Formation

Do you want to take the risk of forming your own company?

There’s more to consider than just buying a cheap readymade company on the internet!

We can assist you with company formations for…

  • An off the shelf ready made company
  • A tailor made company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • PLC formation

For urgent requests, we can also arrange same day formations.

To check the availability of a Limited Company name, you can use the Companies House Information Service. Type in the name you want, select the option for “Company Name Availability Search” and see if it comes up in the list.

Our Company formation packages can include…

  • Advice on the pros and cons of incorporation in your own situation.

  • Appointment of directors
  • Appointment of company secretary
  • Issue of subscriber shares
  • Registered office services
  • Completion of all necessary minutes and resolutions
  • Tax review with regard to company formation – forming the company yourself and getting this wrong can be very costly!
  • VAT registration
  • Company registration for Corporation Tax
  • Set up of Company PAYE scheme & Auto-enrolment.
  • Business plans

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out how our business consultants can help make a difference to your start-up by getting a free business assessment.